Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning in New Hampshire

Hundreds of hours went into creating your one-of-a-kind Oriental area rug or carpet, and only the finest colors and materials were utilized to give it that one-of-a-kind look and feel. However, even with the best of caution, damages can happen. Trust the Oriental rug professionals at Dirt Away, whether you require deep and gentle cleaning or major repairs. We specialize in making sure that your oriental rug appears brand new after cleaning it.

Trust Our Organic Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

A proprietary air filtered dust removal is used to clean and remove loose dirt and debris from Oriental rugs. The water is micro-filtered for use with gentle organic soaps. This is our thorough washing technique, which uses a computer-controlled technology to apply moderate pressure while automatically adjusting for different rug piles or thicknesses. In our proprietary pre-drying method, most moisture is removed right away. The last drying stage occurs in our fully enclosed, temperature-controlled drying rooms, which provide perfect filtered air drying conditions with no space for mold or bacteria to thrive.

Fringes are re-checked after drying, and the rug is evaluated for any needed repairs or requests based on the customer’s preferences. A final inspection occurs, during which the rug is photographed and groomed with another round of automatic pressure-controlled brushing! It’s carefully packed and ready to travel back home.

Full Submersion Oriental Rug Cleaning

To ensure that your rugs are taken care of properly, we offer several cleaning methods ranging from steam & dry cleaning to dusting & submersion cleaning, which cater to all designs.

The submersion cleaning procedure is pretty much similar to what it sounds like. We submerge your rug in a mild solution that has been specifically created for your rug type and that we have verified is appropriate for your rug.

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